Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What is the "load cell speakers?

Before we see what the load cell amplifier is let's see what actually load cell. A load cell is an electronic device that converts force into an electrical signal which can then be measured. In simple terms it is a tool that allows us to weigh the goods and load - the weight measurement gives us strength. So where is the amplifier comes with it? The electrical output of the load cell is usually a few millivolts is not a lot and need the output to be placed through an amplifier before the output can be used. It's a bit like talking through a microphone, if you are in a room of 400 people and start talking to them usually are not a lot of people will be able to hear you, if you use your voice and speak to the microphone, the sound amplified throughout the room so you hear everything. It is equal to the load cell, the signal is read by the load cell can be very difficult because it is so low, why a simple amplifier.

What are the different types of Load Cell Amplifier?

As with any product there is always a wide variety to choose from, either from different brands or different types of amplifiers. You can choose between Digital Load Cell Amplifier and Analog Load Cell Amplifier. The amplifier should you choose should depend on the load cell, for example if you are using a digital load cell must use a digital load cell amplifier. When you first buy your amplifier What needs to be calibrated to the cell-loaded so that they are synchronized, typically when you buy an amplifier with a load cell with this company for your calibrate your.

Common features of Load Cell Amplifier

Before buying check your amplifier to ensure that these features are perfectly suitable for use and can be used to load cells have in mind. Typical specifications for the amplifier load cell might look like this:

Digital Load Cell Amplifier:

- Non-volatile tare and peak equipment continues

- DIN rail mount, 25V DC supply 11 with digital display, Zero and tare button

- 600 readings per second were sent, Reading between -99,999 and 99,999 + as

- 4-20 mA analog output, 3 Programmable Logic 3 Logic inputs and outputs,

- RS422/485 interface. Calibration is easy and fast to use load cell sensitivity mV / V

- 18 bits of resolution, linearity better than 0.002%, 0.25 to 19.7 Hz can select filters

- Designed to encourage 4-off 350 ohm load cells • 3.2mV / V maximum

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